Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wild zippered pouches

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I decided to spend a little time playing the other day so I got out some wild fabric to make a couple bags.  What do you think.....a 70's look? One bag is 8 inches wide and the other is about 15 inches.
This is a piece of batik that I bought sight unseen about a year ago. It is very heavy and the white swirl and green leaves are actually paint. I didn't care for it and it was shoved to the bottom of my batik pile.
I actually like the fabric mixed with a solid and I was concerned about stitching through the painted part but had no problem. I had found a pattern I liked about a year ago and then couldn't remember where I had put the link. I search Fire Fox, Chrome and finally found it the other day in my Internet Explorer bookmarks.

The link to the tutorial is at May Your Bobbin Be Always Full - the neat thing about her tutorial is that you make 5 bags at one time. Since I was using "guiney pig" fabric I just made a piece, cut one bag the size she showed and made a bigger one with the leftovers.
I'm thinking now of making a big beach bag out of this fabric that I'm kind of liking now.

Thanks everyone for entering my Blog Party Giveaway, Builder Bob enjoyed all the comments and I'm hoping I can get him to make more for me to give away in the future!

and the winner is.........................
Congratulations to Cyn from Cyn's Quilted Travels  - I'll be sending you a email for your address.

Wish I could stay and visit today or at least quilt but Builder Bob has other plans....painting cement walls in the basement.....yuck.


  1. I love the bags, that fabric is perfect for that use . I love the blog May your Bobbin always be full , she is so creative .

  2. I love the colors in that. I love the bright and shinny colors. They look wonderful.

  3. I really like that material! I'm going to have to make me one!

  4. That fabric does scream 70's Connie the little bags and the bright colors!!
    Congrats to Cyn on winning Builder Bob's great ruler holder!
    Have a great weekend (I enjoy painting, so if I lived nearby I'd come help you)
    ~Terry~ :o)

  5. Perfect fabric for the bags!

  6. Yes does scream the seventies and what a great use for it. Those bags are great and thanks for the link to May your Bobbins always be full.

  7. Hi Connie,
    Have to agree with you all about that fabric. It most definitely screams '70's. lol I suppose a person had to live through that yucky color period to know. ;) However, it did make great little bags. Very cute! And congrats to the winner of the giveaway.
    Ugh, hope you don't have to spend all weekend painting. Take care....

  8. Congratulations Cyn :D
    Oh my. How I love the bright wonderful fabric you used! Wow!

  9. Very cute bags!
    Congrats to Cyn!

  10. I think it turned out well. Perfect for bags.

  11. I have never out in a zipper yet. Someday! Painting? Yuck!

  12. Great little bags. They are great for trying out new techniques and just plain fun to sew. I have severalk I want to make - guess I should get with it.

  13. well done Connie,i love those bags,great sizes also.xx

  14. love those zippered pouches - gorgeous colours and neay design!

  15. The little colourful pouches look ideal in the batik fabric. They have the hippy years and bohemian look about them. I really like them.

  16. Love your zippered pouches! I love the fabric too even tho' it's not blue! Glad to hear you found time to play!
    Have a great week!

  17. Love your zipper pouches are so great! Congrats to the winner!

  18. OMGoodness - I won! Thank you, Connie, and a special thank you to Builder Bob for creating the holder. I am so excited!
    Your little purses are very nice. I like making these. I have some especially sized to hold the footpedal and so forth inside my Featherweight case to protect my machine from scratches, but I used large "plastic sport" zippers available at Joann's. Not the metal zippers.
    Thank you again for holding the drawing - so fun!

  19. Definitely very 70s and I love them!!!


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